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The Scarlet Pipistrelle

Common Ground Theatre Company presents this bit of New Year fun!
by Pat Whymark & Julian Harries

The year is 1793. Paris is gripped by the sans-cullottes. Heads are rolling, and no-one is safe from the roving finger of fate, the thumb of tyranny and the wrist of injustice.

The poor Compte de Creme-Brulée is to be guillotined on the morrow. Nothing can save him except a miracle, and the Revolutionary Committee has outlawed miracles, except on Sundays and feast days, and only with a signed chit from Citizen Chambourcy, the feared leader of the Republic.

Creme-Brulée’s only hope is a daring swoop by that dashing master of disguise and echo-location, The Scarlet Pipistrelle, a mysterious Englishman, who has already undertaken several rescues of condemned aristocrats. Who knows, perhaps this time, he might actually succeed!

Common Ground will be concocting their trademark heady mix of genre pastiche, musical dexterity and sheer lunacy that East Anglian Christmas audience know and love. Julian Harries plays Citizen Chambourcy, Emily Bennett (from last year’s Sherlock Holmes & The Hooded Lance) plays Madame Claire de Luny.

“Whymark and Harries have created so many great Christmas memories…a real seasonal treat. Catch it if you can, you won’t regret it.” Andrew Clark, East Anglian Daily Times (review of Sherlock Holmes & The Hooded Lance)

Approx 1hr 20mins with interval